the way one
Put soy beans into a pot of boiling water before, let stand until lukewarm water.
Soybeans were in the exhaust his skin, until clean.

after dry soybeans, tempeh move into a sunken container / bowl. Yeast Put tempeh and sago flour and stir while in stir well blended. Here Not There Tempe. At home tempe available in the kitchen all the time. On the shoreline ..
the second way
Prepare as much as 1 kg of soya beans.
And as much as 2 grams of yeast tempeh.
Rinse soybeans and soak for 24 hours.
After soaking for 24 hours, soybeans will blossom
Once clean, pour the soy beans into the pot and give it enough water. Boiled soy beans for about 30 minutes. This process is carried out to dry soybeans. Pour the soy beans into soy bean container that makes it easy to cool.
Save the tempeh in the closet.

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