Historical development diIndonesia

Historical development diIndonesia – According to Djoko Suseno ( 2000) , in Indonesia first carp originated from mainland Europe and China which later developed into the aquaculture fish is very important .

Meanwhile , according to Ardiwinata RO (1981 ) , carp growing in Indonesia allegedly originally came from Southern China . Mentioned , carp fish farming has developed in the area known Galuh ( Kudat ) , West Java in the mid -19th century . Local people mentioned already using kakaban – substrate for attachment carp eggs are made ​​of fibers – in 1860 , so the cultivation of carp in the pond in Galuh concluded developed decades earlier .

While the deployment kolang kaling of Java carp in other areas , noted occurred at the beginning of the 20th century , especially after formed ” Bureau of Inland Fisheries ” from the ” Ministry of Agriculture ” ( Prosperity ) at that time .

From Java , carp then developed to Bukittinggi ( West Sumatra ) in 1892. Next developed in Tondano ( Minahasa , North Sulawesi ) in 1895 , South Bali area ( Tabanan ) 1903 , Ende ( Flores , NTT ) in 1932 and in South Sulawesi , 1935. Additionally , in 1927 at the request of the Bureau of Inland Fisheries while also bringing carp fish species of the Netherlands , which is kind of Galician ( ” carp elephant ” ) and then in 1930 again brought the carp kind Frankisia ( ” carp glass ” ) . According to Djoko Suseno ( 2000) , two types of carp are highly favored by farmers because the meat is savory flavor , dense , prickly little and it grows faster than the local races that have been developed in Indonesia before.

In 1974 , as proposed Djoko Suseno ( 2000) , Indonesia imported carp Taiwan race , the German race and race each fancy carp from Taiwan , Germany and Japan . Around 1977 , Indonesia imported ” carp Yamato race ” and ” racial koi ” from Japan . Races imported carp are in development, in fact difficult to maintain its purity as races mingle with existing carp in Indonesia earlier resulting in a cross and form new races .


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