Shellfish are aquatic animals that include soft-bodied animals ( molluscs ) . Understanding shells are general and have no biological significance but its use is widespread and used in economic activity .
In the broadest sense , means all the shells of mollusks with a shell ( see Bivalvia ) . With this understanding , more appropriate to call the shellfish and clam commensurate with the meaning used in the United States . Examples of such usage can be seen in the term ” craft of shells ” .
The word can also obat tradisional sariawan mean all the shells of shellfish that lives attached to an object . This includes all types of edible , such as blood clams and mussels ( mussels Awung ) , but not including the types that can be eaten but sprawled on the sand or water base , such as seashell and mussels .
Shells are also used to refer to a variety of shellfish shells thick , chalky , with a radial pattern on the shell firmly . In this sense , green mussels are not included in it and is more properly called Kupang . Understanding the closest in English is a cockle .
In the most narrow sense , which is referred to as the shells are shells of blood ( Anadara Granosa ) , a type of shellfish aquaculture which are common in the Indo- Pacific region , and many are sold in the shop or restaurant that sells seafood .
Common characteristics [edit | edit source ]
All shellfish have a pair of shell (also called grafting or valve ) is usually connected to the mirror symmetry of a ligament ( connective tissue ) . In most shells , there are two adductor muscles which regulate open – shell lid .
Shellfish do not have a head ( also the brain ) and the scallop only have eyes . Organ is owned by the kidneys , heart , mouth , and anus . Shells can move with ” legs ” that form a kind of flat organs removed from the shell at any time or by opening and closing the shell is startling .
Open circulatory system , blood vessels do not have the means . Blood oxygen supply comes from a very liquid rich in nutrients and oxygen that surrounds the organs .
The food is plankton shells , by means of filtering . The mussels themselves are prey for sharks and squid .
All shells are when young males . Some females will be in line with maturity . [ Citation needed ]
Shellfish have gonads , genital glands that produce sperm or egg shells depending on gender . [ Citation needed ] egg fertilization occurs externally where the sperm and egg meet in the water . Fertilized egg develops into a larva called trochophore , which will swim with the flow and stick it somewhere before it starts to form a shell .


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