History of the City of New York

History of the City of New York , New York began when the first European documentation of the presence in this area by Giovanni da Verrazzano , in command of the French ship , La Dauphine , when he visited the region in 1524 . He is believed to have sailed in Upper New York Bay where he found the Lenape , he returned through The Narrows where he anchored on the 17th of April, and then leave the area to continue his journey . He named the area which had now become the New York City under the name Nouvelle – Angoulême ( New Angoulême ) in honor of Francis I , King of France and Prince of Angoulême .
Occupation pengertian sariawan by Europeans began on 3 September 1609 when an Englishman Henry Hudson was hired in Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie using Half Moon through The Narrows heading to the Upper New York Bay . Such as Christopher Columbus , Hudson was looking for a way west to Asia . He actually never find it’s way , but he noted the presence of beaver populations are neglected . Though Beaver fur is becoming a fashion trend in Europe at that time , making the fur business into a profitable seseatu . Hudson reports that many of the beaver population in the New York area attracts Dutch to colonize the New World , including New Amsterdam , which later became New York City . History is important beaver in New York City makes this animal immortalized in the official emblem of the city .

Some areas around New York City, the site of numerous battles when the American Revolutionary War , including the largest wars : War of Brooklyn . British forces occupied the win and kotaini of the month September 1776 until the end of 1783. George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States April 30, 1789 in front of Federal Hall and the city’s role as the capital of the United States until 1790 .

City of modern New York City comes from the development and joining the five boroughs in 1898 , is also remarkable economic development followed by the Great Depression and World War II . Throughout its history , the city of New York City serves as the main port for immigrants , and the influence of culture and economy of this city makes this city as one of the most important urban area in the United States and the world . Template : History of NYC


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